In addition to the best rooftop ventilation systems, Cor-A-Vent introduces the X-5 - The Complete Solution - superior ventilation performance and the ability to stop rain and snow infiltration... even in weather extremes.  The key is the AWF - the Active Weather Foil.  The AWF is a specially designed , wind activated, weather impenetrable valve.  It is permanently attached to the bottom of the X-5.  There is NO BETTER ROOFTOP VENTILATION SYSTEM PERIOD! 

In addition to all rooftop ventilation systems offered by Cor-A-Vent, they also manufacture STRIP VENT.  Strip Vent is a soffit ventilation system that is superior and far less expensive to what is currently on the market.  It is available in black or white and is IN STOCK AT JIM MACKIE DISTRIBUTION.

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