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Rain Flow and SlimGuard Gutter Protection

Rain Flow is an all season total gutter protection system.  It is easy to install into your existing gutters, no screws, caulk, or brackets needed.  Rain Flow does not change the appearance of your home, it can not be seen from the ground.  SlimGuard is designed to work under the most strenuous conditions and utilizes a proprietary support strut technology allowing the rain to run inside. It has a revolutionary seamless corner design that allows debris to blow away.




Westbury Aluminum Railing

C10 Series Rail Spec Sheet and Line Drawing

Many other sizes, colors and styles are available! Click here for more information.


Tuscany Style C10 Railing



Cor-A-Vent Ventilation Solutions

"From the bottom of your siding to the peak of your roof, COR-A-VENT, Inc, manufactures ventilation products to protect your home from damaging moisture from within and from without - From the Ground, Up!" -Coravent.com

Product highlights include:

S-400 Soffit Vent - Available in white black and tan for any eave style

Revolution Ridge Vent - the first shingle-over ridge vent made from 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic and only truly "Green" ridge vent available

Roof-2-Wall Vent - A ventilation package for the tough-to-vent detail where a pitched roof meets a vertical wall.

FAV-20 Fold-A-Vent - Continuous 20' Ridge vent.  It's folded, not rolled so it won't back up on you.  Easy "one man" installation.

Please call us or visit www.coravent.com for more information on these and other products offered by Cor-A-Vent.  



Cor-A-Vent S-400 Strip Vent


Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent



NyloDeck is eco-friendly made using 100% recycled carpet fiber and contains no wood or PVC. NyloDeck the best of everything you’d expect from a composite deck board and add outstanding strength, durability and beauty. Resistant to moisture, mold, mildew and termites, NyloDeck is ideal for conquering any decking project. 


Product Brochure


Coastal Mist

Desert Spice

Moutain Mocha

Newport White

Saddle Rose

Acro Building Systems

OSHA has issued a directive that all residential construction employers must ensure that employees working six feet or more above lower levels must use guard rails, safety nets or personal fall arrest systems.

Here is your solution!

Acro Residential Guard Rails are in stock at Jim Mackie Distribution

  • Complies with OSHA regulations

  • Nails on like roof brackets

  • No harness required

  • Works on any pitch up to 16/12

  • Made in the USA



#12070 Residential Guardrail Bracket

#12075 Residential Up the Rake Guardrail Bracket

#19906 Roof Bracket



Stephenson Cupolas

We offer the full line of Stephenson cupolas and weathervanes. Please check out this product brochure or call us for styles, sizes and pricing information. 




RainDrop® House Wrap by GreenGuard 

RainDrop’s innovative drainage channels keep water out of the wall system. The channels won’t crimp, collapse, or flatten, ensuring water will drain no matter how tightly cladding is nailed to the wall. Because it’s not perforated, RainDrop resists air and water infiltration. Plus it breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape. With its high tear resistance and translucent design, installation is quick and easy with no job site waste.


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