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Jim Mackie Distribution stocks Poplar and Oak stair parts as well as iron balusters from  House of Forgings.  Use Spring Bolt™ wood rail and newel post fasteners for easy installation.  



In Stock Wood Stair Parts

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Catalog Contents

Hand Rails

6010, 6210, 6519, 6710, 336



Post to Post, Over the Post, Box Newels



7000, 7200, 7500, 7700 Series



Shoe Rail, Rosettes, Hardware and More


Treads / Starting Steps

False, Hybrid and Plain Treads, Starting Steps


Wood Balusters

5015, 5141, 2015, 5300, 200, 1x1


Iron Balusters

Twist and Basket, Scroll, Versatile, Gothic Tuscan


House Of Forgings Wrought Iron Balusters

In stock balusters at Jim Mackie Distribution

Baluster In-Stock Colors

HF16.1.1 Single Twist*

HF16.1.2 Double Twist* STB,SP,CV,ORC,ORB
HF16.1.3 Single Basket* STB,SP,CV,ORC,ORB
HF16.1.4 Double Basket* STB,SP,CV,ORC,ORB
HF16.5.2 Single Knuckle STB,SP,CV
HF16.1.7 Hammered Bar STB,SP,CV
HF16.1.8 Double Knuckle STB,SP,CV
HF16.1.9 Gothic 1 Basket STB,SP,CV
HF16.1.25 S Scroll STB,SP,CV,ORC
HF16.2.1 Plain Square* STB,SP,CV,ORC
HF16.1.34 Versatile 1 Knuckle* STB,SP,CV,ORC
HF16.1.35 Versatile 2 Knuckle* STB,SP,CV,ORC
HF2.9.20 Tuscan Hammered ORB
HF2.9.12 Tuscan 1 Hive ORB
HF2.9.13 Tuscan 2 Hive ORB
HF2.9.8 Tuscan Scroll ORB
HF16.3.1  Flat Shoe1/2"  STB,SP,CV
HF16.3.2  Pitch Shoe 1/2" STB,SP,CV,ORC, ORB
HF16.3.3  Flat 9/16" STB,SP,CV,
HF16.3.19 Set Screw Flat 1/2" STB,SP,CV,ORC, ORB
HF16.3.20 Set Screw Flat 9/16" STB,SP,CV
HF16.3.17 Pitch Shoe 9/16" STB,SP,CV
HF16.3.29 Flat Shoe 1/2" ORB
HF16.3.30 Pitched Shoe 1/2" ORB
EPC-112 Epoxy Gun
EPC-410 Epoxy
HF16.1.1 HF16.1.2 HF16.1.3 HF16.1.4
HF16.5.2 HF16.1.7 HF16.1.8 HF16.1.9
HF16.1.25 HF16.2.1 HF16.1.34 HF16.1.35
HF2.9.20 HF2.9.12 HF2.9.13 HF2.9.8
Flat Shoe Pitch Shoe EPC-112 EPC-410
*Indicates baluster is in stock in hollow.  Please call for color availability.  

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