White River


Jim Mackie Distribution offers embellished hardwood mouldings and architectural woodcarvings from White River.  All profiles are available 3' to 16' pieces and can be purchased in random or specified lengths.  All stock profiles in the Mon Reale® series are poplar.  All stock Architectural carvings are hand carved in Lindenwood.

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Mon Reale® Profiles In Stock

CA8320 CA8322 CM8801
CM8810 CM8812 CM8823
CM8825 CM8830 CM8837
CM8840 FR8921 FR8922
FR8923 FR8956 FR8965
PM8511 PM8522 PM8532
PM8535 PM8536 PM8541

Authentic Hand Carved® Woodcarvings In Stock

CRV5043 CRV5046 CRV5048
CRV5049 CRV5053 CRV5055
CRV5063 CRV5065 CRV5066
CRV5072 CRV5073 CRV5074
CRV5075 CRV5089 CRV5093
CRV5097 CRV5098 CRV5100
CRV5112 CRV5120 CRV5121
CRV5130 CRV5133 CRV5136
CRV5143 CRV5164  

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